Kay, So Here's Why Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline Broke Up

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Here's Why Pete Davidson & Madelyn Cline Broke UpGilbert Carrasquillo - Getty Images

Much like me and dairy, former SNL star Pete Davidson and Outer Banks actor Madelyn Cline have officially broken up. And unlike me and dairy, it doesn't seem like they're getting back together anytime soon.

The couple kept their relationship pretty low-key and under-the-radar during the 10 months they were together, were only photographed a few times, and never went red carpet official—but if you're wondering why they split...seems like things just...kinda fizzled? At least according to chatty sources ready to spill.

"Pete and Madelyn's relationship has been on and off for months and an ever-changing thing," one source told Entertainment Tonight, adding "Things have fizzled out and they are no longer seeing one another."

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One of the few times these two were spotted together.Gotham - Getty Images

The former couple's breakup was first reported by The Sun, whose source said "They ended things fairly recently, and I understand it was amicable."

Just FYI, things seemed to be going well between Pete and Madeline as recently as a few months ago (April, to be exact) when an insider told Us Weekly that “They are very much in love" and that "One of the reasons their relationship works so well is because they’re both independent and give each other space to miss each other."

Of course, these two never confirmed their relationship so chances are they won't confirm their breakup either. But...stay tuned?

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