Kawhi Leonard booed by Lakers fans during appearance at Rams game

Jack Baer

It’s not often you see a superstar sign with a hometown team and get loudly booed during a public appearance, but no city is quite like Los Angeles when it comes to basketball fandom.

Shortly after his appearance the Los Angeles Clippers’ media day, Kawhi Leonard headed over to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to take in a Los Angeles Rams game. Apparently, a decent amount of fans in attendance, or at least the loudest fans in attendance, were also Lakers fans, judging by how Leonard was received when displayed on the big screen:

It appears that Lakers fans are still a bit angry at Leonard for signing with the Clippers. Going from dreaming of a Big 3 with Leonard, LeBron James and Anthony Davis to watching Leonard sign elsewhere, team up with Paul George and form a true crosstown rivalry will create some resentment.

Such a sentiment has popped up before, like when a Los Angeles coffee chain banned Leonard for not signing with the Lakers. We’re sure Leonard was crushed.

Now just imagine how Leonard and the Clippers will be received during their season opener against the Lakers on Oct. 22.

Kawhi Leonard has some fans to win over in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

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