Katy Perry is a futuristic cowgirl in see-through catsuit and cowboy boots

katy perry seethrough catsuit cowboy boots
Katy is a futuristic cowgirl in a sheer catsuitGetty Images

Westerncore has been one of an overwhelming number of trends and microtrends we've seen in 2023. As such, it's gotten a bit lost in the mix and hasn't received the attention we believe it rightly deserves.

So much more than denim jackets and cowboy boots – though both are easy ways to tap into the look – Westerncore is transseasonal and can be interpreted in many different ways, allowing a unique take on the trend. Case in point: Millie Bobby Brown giving disco cowgirl vibes in a bejewelled three-piece co-ord with matching cowboy boots.

The latest celeb to serve up their own interpretation of Westerncore is none other than Katy Perry. Taking to Instagram, Katy shared a photo of herself as part of a promotional post for her shoe brand, Katy Perry Collections, and we can only describe her ensemble as futuristic cowgirl.

Check it out for yourself:

Wearing a catsuit composed of alternating metallic blue and see-through panels, Katy layered a *huge* black fur coat over the top and added a pair of metallic blue ankle cowboy boots to her feet. But rather than riding a horse, the usual mode of transport for cowboys and cowgirls alike, Katy was instead posed aboard an electric scooter. Confused? Us too.

Captioning the post, "scootin n bootin 🛴👢" Katy's boots were of course from her own brand, specifically The Annie-O Bootie in Metallic Nappa.

Her fans were quick to take to the comments, writing:

Ok I'm loving the boots ❤️
The best ShoesdayToesday era we’re witnessing omg

It's the third post in a row from Katy sharing imagery for her shoe collection. The last saw her in another metallic look, this time a purple strapless midi dress as she shopped in the fruit aisle at the grocery store.

With each set-up getting wackier and wackier, we can't wait to see what's next.

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