Katrina Law Rocks Black Bikini in Tropical Vacation Photos

Katrina Law is in full relaxation mode as she enjoys a tropical getaway with her family.

The NCIS star shared a series of snapshots and video clips within an Instagram carousel on Wednesday, June 26, that provided fans with a peek at some of the things her family has seen and done during their vacation. Though she did not specify within the post where exactly they jetted away to, the waterfalls and sloths that starred in some of the pictures inspired several fans to venture guesses about the location.

Law, 38, kicked off her Instagram carousel with a photo showing her wearing a black bikini while lounging in a colorful hammock. One of her feet was thrown over the side of the hammock, nearly pointing at the camera as her right arm reached behind her head. The Hawaii Five-0 alum covered her face with a straw hat, appearing to snooze as a wall of leafy plants stretched behind her.

Law was undoubtedly awake in the third image in her photo series, which showed her eyes opened wide while she sipped a beverage and looked at a scoop of bright pink ice cream. A small hand beside her, which fans suspected belonged to her daughter, Kinley, held a cone full of ice cream. Kinley’s leg reappeared in the final image as the hammock from the first snapshot engulfed all but the child’s foot and lower leg.

“Current mood😎,” Law wrote in her Instagram caption. Some fans who commented on her post attempted to give that mood a name, with one dubbing it the “Chilling mood 😎✌️” while another said it encapsulated a “Summer feeling 😍.”

Many of Law’s Instagram followers who left comments on the post identified which of the photos they enjoyed or related to the most.

“The ice cream pic is hilarious 😂,” one person wrote.

“Oh my god that sloth 🦥 is so cute,” another person said in reference to two short video clips Law posted of a sloth lounging in a tree.

“I think we can all relate to that last picture.🙂👍,” one Instagram user said, while another referred to Law’s daughter as a “budding little Ninja 🥷 💖.”

“It’s great to see you and the family having so much fun! 🥰,” one fan wrote.

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