Kathy Griffin Shares Health Update With Post-Surgery 'Scarring and Swelling' Photo: 'Worth It'

Kathy Griffin is on the road to recovery after another surgical procedure.

The former CNN New Year's Eve host received an implant in one of her vocal cords after a previous surgery caused permanent damage to the tissue, including paralysis of her left cord as well as an aperture—or tear—above them.

As a result of the damage, fans may have noticed that sometimes her voice goes up in pitch unexpectedly—something she hopes this procedure will help to correct, though she won't be able to test it out until after two weeks of vocal rest.

While the audible results won't be immediately evident, she did assure fans that the surgery "went well," though it left her with some "scarring and swelling," as she showed off in a photo uploaded to Instagram of the incision site covered in medical tape. 

"It will be worth it if I get some of my voice back.🙏🙏🙏," she concluded.

The comedian has been dealing with issues with her speech ever since her battle with lung cancer, where surgery to remove half of her left lung resulted in the paralysis of her left vocal cord.

She underwent another surgery last summer to help "get my voice back after #lungcancer," thanking her surgeon for his successful contribution to the "baby steps" toward healing after going into remission.

Amid all of this, Griffin has also been candid about her struggle with an "extreme case" of complex PTSD that left her stricken with panic attacks—which she typically gets in the morning, with pressure gathering in her chest before spreading to her stomach and triggering bouts of nausea.

"I just kind of never know [how I'm going to be]," she explained. "It's day by day."

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