Kate Middleton's rather dirty nickname for Prince William

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge always conform to royal etiquette during their public appearances, and rarely have a hair out of place.

However, behind the palace doors, it’s a different story. Kate apparently has a rather dirty nickname for her husband, Prince William – enter ‘Big Willy’.

Before they were married, Kate gave the risqué – and also perhaps complimentary – moniker to Wills while they were dating, according to The Sun.

Kate Middleton has a rather risqué nickname for her husband, Prince William. Photo: Getty

But nowadays the 37-year-old isn’t as complimentary to her husband, with a source saying she often referring to him as ‘baldy’.

The cheeky nickname came about due to Wills endlessly complaining about Kate’s “mane of hair [so ‘baldy’] has been her sharp retort”, according to The Sun.

However, William isn’t afraid to snap back in the nickname department – he reportedly calls her ‘DoD’, which is an abbreviation for ‘Duchess of Do-little’.

This apparently has to do with the Queen being far from impressed by Kate’s lack of a career before marrying into the royal family.

Although nowadays she’ll certainly have her hands full with three children – Prince George, five, Princess Charlotte, three, and nine-month-old Prince Louis – and, of course, her extensive charity work.

Prince George’s nickname

George accidentally revealed his nickname recently, and it’s definitely unexpected.

It all happened when an unsuspecting dog walker bumped into George and sister Charlotte while they were out with their grandmother Carole Middleton near the family’s Berkshire home.

The children wanted to pat the dog and the unnamed woman was asked not to take photos of the children, but used the opportunity to talk to the young royals.

Prince George’s nickname is ‘Archie’. Photo: Getty

“Just to be friendly I engaged in a bit of small talk and I asked George what his name was, even though obviously I knew it,” the woman told The Sun at the time.

“To my astonishment he said ‘I’m called Archie’ with a big smile on his face.”

Other royal nicknames

Back in November, Prince Charles revealed the nickname his eldest grandkids George and Charlotte have given him.

Unlike Prince William and Harry who affectionately call Queen Elizabeth, “granny”, the heir to the throne confessed that his grandchildren refer to him as “Grandpa Wales”.

The royal family seem to love a good nickname. Photo: Getty

The title has a striking similarity to the one Queen Elizabeth II had for her granddad, which was “Grandpa England”.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cambridge, is reportedly known as “Gaga” by the pair, while they call the Queen “Gan Gan”.

Even Meghan Markle, who has only officially been part of the regal clan since May, has earned a nickname, apparently being called “Tungsten” by Charles, a metal that is known for being strong and robust.

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