Kate Middleton Shares 'Beautiful' Photo of Prince William With Their 3 Kids in Father's Day Tribute

Only a day after Kate Middleton surprised royal fans by appearing at the 2024 Trooping the Colour event on Saturday, June 15—her first official public appearance since the start of the year—the princess shared a new family photo that had fans in awe.

The mother of three shared the special moment she captured on her official Instagram account, writing in the caption, "We love you, Papa. Happy Father’s Day 💕 G, C & L."

In the photo, taken from behind, Middleton's husband, Prince William, stood with his arms around their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, as they looked out at an expansive beach and the blue waves coming in.

Fans shared their appreciation and love for the new royal photo in the comments, with sweet replies like, "This is a lovely photo of a lovely family. Happy Fathers Day, Prince William ❤️," and "Such a beautiful, sweet photo taken by the Princess of Wales!"

Others wrote, "What a team you all are 🫶🏻," "Oh my gosh! What an amazing photo. Really captures their bond," and "I wish you had the greatest of times!"

Many more complimented Middleton's talent behind the camera, saying that it was "a fabulous shot" and "delightful," with one fan writing that the princess "conveys the emotions in the photo to us in the best way!😍."

The newest personal photo from the royal family comes not long after Middleton's Mother's Day picture caused a huge conspiracy after it was revealed to be heavily edited. People found the photo suspicious and touted conspiracy theories about what was going on with Middleton, as she had been out of the public eye since January.

Not long afterward, Middleton released a video addressing the public and announcing that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. Since then, she has continued to stay out of sight, at least until Trooping the Colour.

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