Kate Middleton Will Not Return to the Spotlight Anytime "Soon"

A sweet note she sent to the Irish Guards is sending mixed signals.

<p>Andy Cheung/ArcK Images/arckimages.com/UK Tennis Magazine/International Sports Fotos</p>

Andy Cheung/ArcK Images/arckimages.com/UK Tennis Magazine/International Sports Fotos

The world is still waiting for Kate Middleton to return to the public eye and flash that famous smile to her fans and well-wishers. Earlier this week, ahead of the Trooping the Colour (which is set to take place on June 15), the Princess of Wales sent a sweet letter to the Irish Guards before a rehearsal and while many people are optimistically overanalyzing the language in the note, insiders say that it's unlikely that Kate will be back to her duties anytime "soon."

Part of the message read, "Please pass my apologies to the whole Regiment, however I do hope that I am able to represent you all once again very soon."

That "very soon" is what is giving some fans hope that the princess may be ready to return to work. However, a source close to the Firm insists that royal fans hoping to see Kate back in action should all pump the brakes and take a deep breath. Like the palace has said all along, Kate should be back to her usual schedule and appointments when she and her medical team think she's ready to do so.

<p>Chris Jackson/Getty Images</p>

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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"I think to pick through the wording of her letter looking for clues to her intentions is a mistake," an insider told the Daily Beast. "I am sure she does hope to be able to represent the Irish Guards again 'very soon' in an uncomplicated, normal understanding of that sentiment."

"My understanding is that there is no timeframe for Catherine returning to public duties. I actually don’t think her note implies she is going to be charging down to their headquarters to inspect a parade next month," they continued. "I honestly think it’s just a classic case of the Waleses not feeling they need to ask for advice when it comes to sending a simple letter."

<p>Jonathan Brady - Pool / Getty Images</p>

Jonathan Brady - Pool / Getty Images

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While many are hoping for a surprise appearance from Kate on the balcony this weekend, the insider adds that there are a few things to consider when it comes to that possibility. First of all, her skipping out on the Colonel's Review of the Irish Guards would indicate that she's not going to take the spotlight away from King Charles on his big day. Secondly, the summertime means a lighter load for the royal family in general.

"I think this idea that Kate is suddenly going to pop up on the balcony on Saturday is far-fetched. It would be wonderful, of course, but more than slightly bizarre given that she bowed out of the Colonel’s Review," the source finished. "The royals typically have a light schedule over the summer months, so it would seem odd to make a big push for her to return now."

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