Everything you need to know about the royal baby

Bianca Soldani

The world has been introduced to the gorgeous new royal baby.

Kate Middleton safely welcomed the newborn boy on Monday, April 23, and was able to take him home later that night - but not before he was paid a visit by his older siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

His Royal Highness, who has just overtaken Prince Harry as fifth in line to the throne, was born weighing 3.8kg or 8lbs 7oz, at 11.01AM (London time), just five hours after she was first admitted to hospital.

He is the Queen's sixth great grandchild, and according to Kensington Palace, both Kate and Wills' families are 'delighted' with the news.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were two of the baby's first visitors, and were seen entering the hospital hand-in-hand with Prince William who was present at the birth.

The new royal baby has arrived! Photo: Getty

While it's unlikely the new baby will ever become king, he will be known as His Royal Highness and be a Prince of Cambridge.

The boy is Kate and Wills' third child and is fifth in line to the throne. Photo: Getty
The birth was announced by a town crier who rang a bell outside of the hospital. Photo: Getty
The Lindo Wing in London has welcomed plenty of royalty. Photo: Getty

Kate delivered their third child in the exclusive Lindo Wing of London's St Mary's Hospital. It's the same hospital where Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born, and where Diana gave birth to both William and Harry.

The same obstetrician, Dr Guy Thorpe-Beeston, and gynaecologist, Dr Alan Farthing, who were present for Kate's previous two births, were also with her to welcome her third baby.

Offering suites with private en suite bathrooms, fresh blooms, a ‘world-class’ nursing staff and chef cooked meals, the Lindo Ward is more like a posh hotel than a hospital, and it has a price tag to match.

A normal double standard room will set you back $10,500, while deluxe rooms and suites go for $11,500 per night.

Many people had thought Kate was having a baby girl. Photo: Getty
Kate gave birth inside the Lindo Wing, which offers 'world-class' maternity care. Photo: Lindo Wing

Weeks before the bundle of joy arrived, barricades were set up outside of the hospital to keep the press and royal watchers at a reasonable distance, and road closures put in place to divert traffic.

The most dedicated of fans also camped out on the street for days on end, all to catch one of the first glimpses of the new royal baby.

By the time Monday's announcement rolled around, a crowd of very excited royal watchers - not to mention representatives from the world's media - were all standing outside, fixated on the hospital doors.

Eager fans couldn't wait for news of the royal birth. Photo: Getty
The world's media has been gathered outside St Mary's Hospital in London. Photo: Getty

The new baby will take it's place as fifth in line to the throne, after granddad Charles, dad William, and older siblings George and Charlotte. Prince Harry meanwhile, has been bumped down to sixth in line.

This was guaranteed regardless of the baby's gender thanks to a law implemented by Queen Elizabeth in 2013, as previously, male heirs would leapfrog their female siblings in the line of succession - like how Charles's sister Princess Anne, was bumped down the line after her younger brothers Prince Edward and Prince Andrew were born.

Kate pictured outside the hospital after Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born. Photo: Getty

Royal watchers were expecting the baby half an hour before the official announcement was made after they saw Kate's personal assistant and stylist leave the hospital.

Kate's personal assistant and stylist Natasha Archer, and her hairdresser Amanda Cook Tucker, were two of the first people to meet the Prince George when he was born.

They were essential in helping the Duchess look camera ready for her grand entrance on the steps of the Lindo Wing to introduce the new baby to the world.

Interestingly, the baby was born on St George's Day, and shares his birthday with another royal, Lady Gabriella Windsor - who is the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent - and also William Shakespeare.