Kate Middleton catches Prince William giggling

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

When it comes to the royal family, we’re used to seeing everything prim and proper with the royals on their best behaviour.

However, in their most recent public appearance marking the centenary of the Royal Air Force at Westminster Abbey, a video has been shared showing Prince William struggling to hold in a giggle in front of his wife Kate Middleton – and of course, the internet is loving it!

In the completely candid clip shared to the hrhprincgeorge Instagram page, Kate can be seen being the perfect royal, attentively waiting for the ceremony to begin, before turning around to find William with a cheeky smirk on his face.

After catching him in the moment, Kate, who is sporting a pale teal Alexander McQueen look, shoots him a smile while William attempts to find a straight face and brush it away by looking at his watch.

For a pair who recently celebrated the christening of their third child Prince Louis, they seemed to be in good spirits for the rest of the day after being captured sharing a few laughs between them.

It’s not often we’ve seen them engage in moments of laughter or public affection like this so of course fans had plenty to say:

The moment before Prince William’s got caught with his cheeky smirk. Source: Instagram/hrhprincgeorge

“William..Kate.. Harry..Meghan are such a breath of fresh in the royal family now. I just love seeing them being so spontaneous. Especially the giggles and the way the four of them look at each other. It does my heart good,” a user commented.

“Busted!!!! LOL…. n then tried to keep a straight face when Kate looked at him,” someone laughed. 

Meanwhile, others commenters can’t help pointing out how much Prince William looks like his late mother Princess Diana.

“That smile and those eyes.. a copy of his lovely mom,” one said. 

“He is an Overwhelming Prince for the People! Just like his Precious Mother,” another posted. 

The pair looked to be in high spirits throughout the rest of the day. Source: Getty

Let’s hope we get to see more of these beautiful candid moments.

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