Diana’s butler: 'Kate has no charisma'

Bianca Soldani

Despite never having the opportunity to meet her in person, Kate Middleton can’t escape constant comparisons to her mother-in-law Diana.

Granted, as two women who aren’t of royal blood, they went through a similar rise to fame, have had a similar experience as mothers to future kings, and they even dress kind of similarly.

Can Kate live up to Diana's legacy? Photo: Getty

Kate is also adored and closely watched by the public just like Diana was, but can she live up to her legacy? Well, according to the late Princess of Wales’ former butler Paul Burrell, no, she can’t.

“She's a lovely, lovely girl,” he told Nine News, “But that extra something, which you would call the ‘X-factor’, the magic quality, charisma, it's not there."

"I met Mother Theresa. She had it. Pope John Paul II had it. The Queen has it. Diana certainly had it. Kate doesn't."

Diana's former butler says Kate doesn't have the same
Diana pictured with butler Paul Burrell in 1994. Photo: Getty

Harsh! Luckily, Kate is able to enjoy a number of other things Diana didn’t; such as more privacy from the media, and a stable and loving relationship with her husband (at least that's what it looks like!).

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Kate has made efforts to recreate moments and outfits made famous by Diana. Photo: Getty

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