'It's more terrifying there': Kate Langbroek shares sobering warning from Italy

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Kate Langbroek shares coronavirus experience from Italy on The Project
Kate shone some light on the impending situation from Italy. Photo: Ten

Radio star Kate Langbroek has issued a stark warning from Italy, where she is experiencing the full extent of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

The former Hiit network presenter relocated to Bologna, Italy with her family last year and has since found herself exposed to the terrifying reality of the virus, and the harsh lockdowns implemented to curtail it’s spread.

Appearing on The Project on Thursday, March 26, Kate kept things light discussing homeschooling and isolation, but when asked about the advice she could give Aussies, she took on a more serious tone.

The Aussie national said she thinks it would be ‘more terrifying’ to be in Australia at the moment

“It's more terrifying to be where you are, where you can see the wave coming,” she told host Georgie Coghlan.

“We were just thrust into it. We didn't have time to even register much.”

She went on to clarify that it is ‘doable’, though not ideal.

“It’s eminently doable, [but] it’s not ideal,” she said. “It really makes you appreciate the freedoms and the beauty of a normal life, even things that used to irritate you.”

Kate and her family pictured in Italian apartment under coronavirus isolation
Kate and her family have been keeping Instagram entertained from their Italian apartment. Photo: Instagram/katelangbroek

“But it’s very doable and it is so far as we know it is the only way to stop the virus spreading and to resume our beautiful normal lives as soon as possible.”

Kate has been updating her followers on Instagram with her brood’s experience of isolation and even shared some touching reflections on how the pandemic is affecting the Italian community.

Earlier this week she shared a photo of a deserted shopping plaza with just one man wrapped in a plastic sheeting of some kind.

“Normally a buzzy, busy pedestrian mall on the weekend,” she captioned the eerie shot. “Not today. Or yesterday. Or tomorrow.”

She went on to answer fan questions about the situation on the ground, telling one her perspective of Italy had been somewhat shifted.

“Interesting (but not desired) to see the Italians under pressure,’ she responded. “So far, impressed with their grace and civic-mindedness. At least in Bologna.”

“Everyone very sad,” she added.

Australia is so far under partial lockdown, with certain services – including supermarkets and hairdressers – still open for business.

But after tighter controls were announced Tuesday night, including limiting gatherings of more than 10 people, state leaders have flagged the likelihood of ‘stage three’ lockdowns in the near future.

What that involves has not been detailed yet, but it would likely entail retail businesses and office buildings being forced to shut and a UK-style mandate for Australians to stay in their homes.

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