Kate Langbroek refuses to give her teenage son a mobile phone

Anita Lyons
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A mobile phone to a teen these days is like an extra limb – they go nowhere without it. Except, of course, if you’re Kate Langbroek’s son.

For 14-year-old Lewis, the teen hasn’t been allowed a smartphone, and last night he wanted answers.

On Hughesy, We Have a Problem, Kate’s son confronted his mum about why he wasn’t permitted to have a smartphone when all of his friends had one.

“My husband and I had a conversation and went, ‘This is the worst age at which to give a teenage boy a phone with photos on it,’” Kate said.

“I’m not putting pornography in his pocket.”

Lewis, Kate’s 14-year-old son, wants a smart-phone and his Mum refuses to give him one. Source: Network Ten

Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes, who has worked alongside the radio personality for more than a decade, decided to remedy the situation. Probably infuriating mothers everywhere, he gifted Lewis a smartphone.

To put it mildly, Kate was not. Happy. Jan!

Kate was mortified when Hughesy gave Lewis a phone on national television. Source: Network Tem

“Go on, f*** it up for us, mate!” Kate told her co-host.

“What sort of language are you using in front of this young man?” Hughesy replied.

“If we had a swear jar I’d have a phone already,” Lewis added. 

Kate is known for her incredible personality and ability to say it like it is. Source: Getty

“You know, what I find generally interesting is that everyone’s got a fear now,” Kate said.

“When we discuss with all our other friends that our children don’t have phones, everyone’s like, ‘They’re going to get left out at school,’ as though that’s suddenly the worst thing in the world… being different to everybody else.

“I’m just like, ‘Well, I can’t give my children something just because it’s going to make you feel better about not being a proper parent to your children.’”

“Hate me, but that’s just what we should all be doing. Our children should not have telephones.”

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