Kate: "I'm no clothes horse"

Victoria Jones

Echoing the words of Princess Diana, style savvy Kate Middleton insists she won’t be a ‘clothes horse’ after being scolded by royal watchers for wearing the same dress more than once.

The Duchess of Cambridge was pictured wearing the same chic black and white dress to a friend’s wedding that she wore to a nightclub with her sister in 2007.

She also celebrated Prince Philip’s 90th birthday in the same light blue Jacquard coat she wore to the 2009 wedding of Prince Williams’ close friend, Nicholas van Cutsem.

While some royal watchers are horrified, Kate has defended her decision to recycle her outfits, saying it’s appropriate during tough financial times.

Confiding in a friend she said: “Times are tough; I cannot be expected to wear a new outfit for every royal engagement. I am not a fashion model.”

When Kate joined the royal family she said she would not accept freebies from designers, and the 29-year-old has stayed true to her word. Princess Diana also refused to be a fashion model and famously said: “I am not a clothes horse” after being criticised for wearing jeans and a shirt on a charity trip to Africa.

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The brunette beauty has proved she has a flair for fashion, updating looks with new accessories and mixing high-end designer outfits with cheaper chain store pieces. As a result Kate has topped best dressed lists around the globe and proved you don’t need to spend a fortune to look good.

Do you think it's OK for Catherine to wear the same outfit twice?