Kate Beckinsale Wore a Completely See-Through Crystal Dress and Everyone Can't Stop Staring

Kate Beckinsale Wore a Completely See-Through Crystal Dress and Everyone Can't Stop Staring

Kate Beckinsale leaned into Hollywood's re-embrace of the naked dress at the Fashion Trust US Awards on March 21, opting to step out in a sheer, silver-embellished Julien x Gabriela gown. The 49-year-old actress wore her brown hair in a ponytail and accessorized with statement stud earrings.

kate beckinsale at fashion trust us awards
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kate beckinsale
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Beckinsale spoke to Flaunt magazine last April about how she views social media and other people's comments about her. Beckinsale said, “We all scroll through, and go, ‘Oh dear, I really don’t like that outfit,’ and then, if we have any manners, we just continue scrolling. I cannot fathom ever saying something nasty. I can imagine thinking, ‘Well, I don’t really like her or his whatever’ — sure, we’re not saints. But just to actually go out of one’s way to write something like that … Somebody did one today, on the post about my daughter’s movie. He said, ‘When I saw the trailer, I thought it looked shit.’ And I’m like, ‘How nice of you to feel that we all need to hear your shitty weird opinion.’”

She added that she doesn't really have a plan with her own social media either; she just posts what feels right and honest to her. “I was very late to the table with social media,” she said. “I had no interest in Instagram at all. I was also very, very wedded to my Nokia flip phone. I had it for an embarrassingly long time. I bypassed the whole BlackBerry era — I didn’t go near it. But then I did Love and Friendship (2016) and it was a small movie, and I loved that movie, and it needed some help [getting out there]. So I reluctantly got Instagram and went to a company that does some quite fancy people’s Instagrams. They said, ‘We do it all for you.’ But that was just not my vibe. I was never doing any of their suggestions — I’m not going to be doing a planned photoshoot in my kitchen for St. Patrick’s Day. I was there for a week. I’m just not that person: I’m going to see the cat doing something funny, video it, and then post it. I’m not somebody who’s planning it all out. See, I’m not good at planning, that’s turning out to be the theme today … I’ve not got a calculated social media presence.”

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