Karl Stefanovic's on-air clash with Steve Price

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Karl Stefanovic has laid out his opinion on the Uluru climb on Steve Price's radio show. Photo: Channel 10/2GB

Karl Stefanovic has levelled criticism at commentator Steve Price over his stance on the Uluru climbing ban.

The ex-Today show presenter divulged his opinion on Steve’s 2GB radio program on Monday, ahead of the infamous climb’s expected closure in October.

Earlier that day, Steve took part in an on-air Today discussion with Pauline Hanson, which was labelled ‘racist’ for the panel’s lack of diversity.

Opposing stance

However, Karl - like the landmark’s traditional owners - openly supports the ban and said there’s no reason for people to partake in the climb.

“They should not be climbing the rock, come on Steve, why do you need to climb it?” he asked the radio host.

“There’s no reason that I would ever go there to climb the rock.”

As the discussion evolved, Karl went on to cement his position against tourists partaking in the ascent.

“I have no desire to climb it, I fully respect the significance of it, it's not our place to climb,” he said.

Steve took part in a widely-panned Today Show panel on the Uluru climbing ban on Monday morning. Photo: Channel Nine

“And secondly I have no desire to climb it because it's so hot out there, there are that many flies.”

To this, Steve rebutted, telling his on-air guest he was ‘becoming a bit PC’ and compared climbing the sacred site to 'tramping up and down’ Kakadu National Park.

‘You’re racist’

Referencing claims The Project contributor’s stance was outdated, Karl jokingly jumped on the bandwagon against his colleague.

“I think you're a disgrace Steve Price for your comments this morning, you're racist,” he said.

Tourists will be banned from climbing Uluru from October 26, following the long-time pleas of the Anagu traditional owners for people to respect the sacred site.

“Since the hand back of Uluru and Kata Tjuta to traditional owners in 1985, visitors have been encouraged to develop an understanding and respect for Anangu and their culture,” according to Parks Australia

“This is reflected in the 'please don't climb' message.”

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