Karl Stefanovic backtracks after branding Steve Price 'racist'

Gillian Wolski
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Karl Stefanovic has cleared the air after clashing with Steve Price over ‘racist’ comments. Photo: Channel 10/2GB.

Ex-Today host Karl Stefanovic has today backtracked on his earlier comments about fellow TV personality Steve Price, who he branded “racist” for his opinion on the upcoming Uluru climbing ban.

The pair clashed when Karl made his very first guest appearance on Steve’s 2GB radio show on July 16.

Karl’s choice words for Steve

Karl slammed his host for agreeing that tourists should be allowed to climb the 550 million-year-old site, which is held sacred by indigenous Australians.

“They should not be climbing the rock, come on Steve, why do you need to climb it?” he said.

At that point, Steve revealed that he had climbed the landmark back in 1983 with Prince Charles and Diana.

“I think you’re a disgrace Steve Price for your comments this morning, you’re racist,” he added.

Earlier that same day, Steve had taken part in an on-air Today discussion with Pauline Hanson, which was widely criticised as “racist” and “unbalanced” due to the panel’s lack of diversity.

In the segment, both Steve and the Queensland senator voiced their support for people’s right to climb Uluru, with the former suggesting it could be “positive” for the local traditional land owners if it was “well managed.”

Under the new ban, tourists will not be able to climb Uluru from October 26, following the long-time pleas of the Anagu traditional owners.

Uluru is a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory’s arid "Red Centre."Photo: Getty Images.

Too late to say sorry?

A week after butting heads, Karl rejoined Steve on radio on Tuesday morning to clear the air.

“I know you don’t really think I’m a racist, right?” Steve asked Karl.

The This Time Next Year host responded by saying that even though Steve held some “unusual standpoints,” he admitted, “I don’t think, generally speaking, you’re a racist.”

It’s in both of their interests to play nice, as Karl is set to be a regular Monday guest on Steve’s show - which has recently moved to a new 12-3pm timeslot.

The pair appeared to find some common ground later in their chat, with both unleashing a rant against the proposed Sydney CBD smoking ban.

The duo agreed that making smoking in the CBD illegal was “ridiculous”, with Karl slamming it as a “PR stunt” by the council.

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