Karen Fukuhara reveals toughest scene on The Boys

'The Boys' cast sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to chat about the new season.

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- So, first of all guys, can you just tell me a bit about what's in store for season three?

JACK QUAID: I mean, it's so much. I don't know-- well, first off, like, a lot of insane moments that people are already seeing now and talking about. But I think the thing that I'm-- that I love about the season is that you really get to go more in depth with every single character. And I think everyone gets a moment to shine, and you really understand what makes everyone tick a lot more than you already did.

- And what do you guys think is the most insane moment that happens?

KAREN FUKUHARA: are so many.


KAREN FUKUHARA: I mean, it's different for everyone, right? I mean, I-- I wasn't a part of-- oh, wait, I can't say that.

JACK QUAID: I don't know.

KAREN FUKUHARA: Is it a spoiler moment?

JACK QUAID: No, the title of that episode, I think, is available.


JACK QUAID: Yeah, I think you can.

KAREN FUKUHARA: OK, yeah, yeah.

JACK QUAID: The title of it, yeah.

KAREN FUKUHARA: So, like, I-- I was amazed to see everything from Herogasm-- I mean, there's some crazy shit that happens there.

JACK QUAID: Yeah, there's a lot.


JACK QUAID: It's a lot.

KAREN FUKUHARA: But, I mean, you know, in episode one, there's, you know, Termite and the exploding penis. And so that was probably more uncomfortable for the male viewers than--


KAREN FUKUHARA: --the female viewers.

JACK QUAID: I would say so, definitely. Yeah.

- And what were some of the tougher scenes you guys had to film sort of throughout the whole series so far.

JACK QUAID: Oh, man, I mean, in terms of like, what, like how physically strenuous--

- Yeah.

JACK QUAID: are? I mean, that's a question for Karen, because she's the one doing all the stunts and--

KAREN FUKUHARA: Oh, my goodness.

JACK QUAID: --and then the fight sequences.

KAREN FUKUHARA: I think my hardest scene this season was for a scene with little Nina. There's one where Frenchie and Kimiko and Cherie get into a bit of trouble, and not only was it a full blood and stunt day--

JACK QUAID: Oh, jeez.

KAREN FUKUHARA: --it was, like, in, like, puddle water on the ground, and like, I'm just kind of just fighting and filth, and then also it was kind of emotional. So yeah, the combination of everything was tough for me.

JACK QUAID: Fighting in filth, I'm so sorry.

KAREN FUKUHARA: Yeah, I mean, it's kind of on theme.

JACK QUAID: Yeah, I mean always.


JACK QUAID: Always for our show, yeah.

- Is there any, like, physical preparation you have to do, Karen in particular, for your role?

KAREN FUKUHARA: Yeah, lots of-- lots of training. I do-- I go to the gym and work with a trainer, and I also work with our wonderful stunt team, and they teach me everything. So it takes weeks and weeks of practice. For example, the episode four, I think, aired, and for the dildo fight, I had to learn how to use kali sticks, [LAUGHS] which is a, you know, a very respected form of martial art, but instead, for our show we used dildos.

So yeah, lots of training. And we like to train hard so then on the day if anything changes we can do it as safely as possible. And it's really fun when you know it through and through.

JACK QUAID: I think Karen might be, like, the hardest working person on the show. Like, just like the physical--

KAREN FUKUHARA: I think we all are!

JACK QUAID: But no, the physical nature of your part the, like, how everything's tied in with your emotional life, it's just like you're always-- you're always rehearsing for something, doing something. It's-- it's just so impressive what she does, it's insane.

KAREN FUKUHARA: Thank you, Jack.

- When you guys signed up for "The Boys" initially, did you realize how depraved the show was, and like what--

JACK QUAID: Yes, absolutely. Yeah, I didn't know it was-- it was based off of a comic book, initially. I thought it was just a show about America, or-- and-- and, you know, the world at large, just the way that it is, and then they inserted superheroes into it. I just thought it was a great satire, and it is, but you know, you read that first episode and you know right away how messed up the show is going to be.

But I don't even think back then in season one I knew the-- the lengths to which it would get even more insane. Like, I didn't-- I never thought we'd be driving a speedboat into a whale. I never thought I'd-- a man would sneeze inside another man's urethra. I can't believe I'm saying this out loud during press, and it almost feels like I shouldn't be all the time, but that's just what happens in our show.

- I mean, I think that's what people love about it, too, right? That it seems to be so controversial, and there's nothing like it.

JACK QUAID: No, no, nothing.

- If you guys could personally have a superpower, what would you have, and how would you use it?

JACK QUAID: Oh, man, I think mine would be-- I don't know, I would like to fly, because who wouldn't, but let's pick a more exciting answer. I'd like to talk to animals, it'd be fun. I don't know. Maybe it wouldn't be fun. Maybe they would be, like, just very--

KAREN FUKUHARA: The most judgmental. [LAUGHS]

JACK QUAID: I think they'd just be like--

KAREN FUKUHARA: I can't imagine that.

JACK QUAID: Yeah, they'd be judgy. These-- all these-- yeah, yeah, I'll go with that one. I don't know. It was a big "Wild Thornberrys" fan growing up, so yeah.

- Makes sense.


KAREN FUKUHARA: That's a good one. That's a good one, yeah. I think I would go with the motion sickness. Like, I get motion sickness in everything, so I would love to give that to someone, you know, nausea!

- That's so cruel.



JACK QUAID: That's-- that's very cruel.


JACK QUAID: So I'll give you the cruelest--

KAREN FUKUHARA: --it's very cruel.

JACK QUAID: --one of the cruelest superpowers--

KAREN FUKUHARA: It's very, very cruel, yeah.

JACK QUAID: --that could be, yeah.

KAREN FUKUHARA: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


- So how do you guys think this show reflects the society we live in today?

JACK QUAID: I mean, accurately, I think. I don't even think the superhero part of it is-- I think if the world had, you know, Compound V, it would be pretty close to what our show is. I mean, yeah, the kind of corporatization of superpowers, I think, would definitely happen.

But I love that we get to be on a show that really talks about the world the way that it exists. And it's just great because, you know, things aren't great right now in the world at large. And it's great to be on a show where you can express that in a way that's funny sometimes, and entertaining sometimes, and heartbreaking sometimes. You know, we get to talk about real issues, but also we get to drive speedboats through whales, and the balance is so cool to be a part of.

KAREN FUKUHARA: Yeah. And I feel like a lot of the-- not the jabs, but the-- the political commentary that our show has is something that a lot of-- a lot of people either think about and don't say out loud, or, you know, they do say it out loud and they, you know, have a discussion about it. Like the Kendall Jenner--


KAREN FUKUHARA: --commercial is such a funny moment--

JACK QUAID: It's so good.

KAREN FUKUHARA: --because everyone was thinking it.


KAREN FUKUHARA: --and then it-- like it-- it's just a funny thing to see when we-- when we do, like, a satire of events.


KAREN FUKUHARA: Yeah. Yeah, it's my favorite--

JACK QUAID: That might be my favorite scene of the season, honestly. Like, Jessie going "What are those people doing?"


It is so funny.


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