A Kardashian guide to Beverly Hills

Matthew Kelly
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A ‘decafe, almond, extra hot latte with three sweeteners, stirred four times to the left’. Let me introduce you to the native language of Beverly Hills, where difficult orders are the norm.

The famous 90210 suburb is a world like no other, where drinking Bloody Mary’s for lunch is a thing – and shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive AKA the most expensive shopping strip in the world is classified as a form of cardio.

Beverly Hills is very different compared to my life in Sydney. Source: Instagram

I recently spent 36 hours in this unique land, and as a self-diagnosed Instagram addict, I knew I needed spam my luxe getaway, making everyone back home jealous.

I decided to release my inner diva and hit up all the Kardashian/ Jenner approved hot spots.

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First up, the iconic Hotel Bel Air.

Hidden in the Bel Air hills, the hotel is acts as a mini oasis, boasting lush grounds with beautiful creeks and ponds, you may even see a swan or two, first class restaurants – The Wolfgang Puck Lounge and Bar does a mean breakfast and a top-notch spa and fitness studio it is the perfect place to relax.

Hotel Bel Air has insta-worthy grounds and lush suites. Source: Instagram

The Insta-worthy suites are decked to the nines with fireplaces and massive outdoor terraces … some even have a private spa. Not going to lie, I had a mini party with a couple of friends on my terrace.. i felt like a baller no arguing why so many A-listers vacay here.

Literally days before my stay Khloe Kardashian had her baby shower in the hotel’s grand ballroom,  probably a good thing I wasn’t there as I would have definitely embarrassed myself trying to grab a selfie with Kris Jenner.

Next up Urth Caffé

The Hotel Bel Air concierge, directed me to the popular café as it’s a favourite with Kourtney Kardashian.  Pulling up in the hotel guest limo, wearing active wear of course, I felt like Kendall Jenner working the Met Gala red carpet.  The farm to table styled café has an incredible range of vegan, gluten free and organic options, no wonder why it’s a favourite with Kourt.

Urth Cafe offers a wide range of organic, vegan and gluten free dishes, making it a popular choice with many celebs. Source: Instagram

Between trying to listening in on Brandon Jenner having a deep and meaningful (he was sitting two tables away from me couldn’t believe it), probably about him being excluded from Khloe’s baby shower and helping a lady give her dog a head massage … only in Bev Hills; the 45mins wait for a coffee and granola went fast.

Fun fact: Kylie Jenner’s favourite drink is Urth’s Green Tea Boba.  You’ll often see her holding the green smoothie to show off her latest Cartier purchase and/or manicure.

Urth’s Green Tea Boba is a favourite with Kylie Jenner. Source: Instagram

As I was in my active gear, I decided to do some exercise, the local kind, so I hit up Rodeo Drive

My experience on Rodeo Drive was exhausting. From having several internal debates with myself questioning if spending two weeks salary on a pair of shoes just because Scott Disick was seen wearing them was a good investment, I had work up an appetite, which led me to The Belvedere Restaurant.

My experience on Rodeo Drive was extremely stressful, so many stores with a variety of different options. Source: Instagram

Note: I changed out of my active wear before heading to the restaurant, I’m no Blanc Chyna… jks 

The Belvedere restaurant is hugely popular with celebrities, during Oscar week the restaurant is the ultimate hotspot. Kylie Richards AKA one of Kris Jenner’s BFFs is a regular and I totally get why.

The Belvedere is the ultimate date night location. Source: Instagram

The Mediterranean styled restaurant serves romantic vibes, with mood lighting and soft music, perfect for those who are after a date night destination.

When it comes to food, the beef tartare and cod croquettes were a massive hit. Unlike Kim Kardashian I have no problem ordering dessert. I ordered The Belvedere’s signature dessert the Fabergé chocolate egg, made with three different types of chocolate and topped with gold leaves, I was in sugar paradise.

The Fabergé chocolate egg is a MUST.  Source: Instagram

As the saying goes save the best until last, so on my last day I checked into The Beverly Hills Hotel and oh my goodness.

Yes, my room was amazing with all the glitz and glamour one expects staying at the most iconic hotel in the world. But the true highlight of my stay was relaxing by the pool and roaming the millennial pink grounds.

Roaming the grounds was one of my favourite thing to do at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Source: Instagram

Soaking up the rays by the pool whilst starring at the beautiful pink hotel exterior was certainly the ‘pinch myself’ moment of the trip. From seeing the hotel in countless movies and on every Kardashian/ Jenner’s Instagram stories I couldn’t believe I was there. I was talking photos left, right and centre, until I got told by a staff member no cameras were allowed, as the entire hotel is a camera free zone giving celebs the privacy they deserve. #mybad

Even though cameras are frowned upon, I still had to document this iconic moment . Source: Instagram

When I knew my gals Koko and Kourt are regular guests at The Polo Lounge, I knew i had to experience it.  Offering great food, the truffle fries are a MUST, an amazing cocktail selection and a chic setup – If it’s warm weather I recommend sitting on the patio, it’s the ultimate brunch destination… bible.

The Hotel and The Polo Bar is a favourite with the Kardashians. Source: Instagram

Between Beverly Hill’s sense of style, class and luxurious offerings there is no wondering why it’s popular with The Kardashians and many other A-listers.

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