Kärcher FC-7 Cordless: The device that banished dog hair and dirt in 15 minutes

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Karcher FC 7 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner
We tried out the FC 7 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner. Photo: Karcher

When it comes to all-in-one floor cleaners there are a few to choose from in the market and now Karcher has added its newest addition into the mix.

The Kärcher FC-7 Cordless works on hard floor surfaces to sweep and mop at the same time and is said to be able to clean up everything from spilt spaghetti to soggy cereal, and it even has a pet fur pick up.

That's the feature that definitely sparked my interest, as the owner of two Cattle Dogs to say we have a bit of pet hair to deal with at home would be an understatement.

Despite sweeping the floor daily, letting the robo-vac do its thing, and trying to mop regularly, our floor still sees its fair share of dog hair and grime build up. Here's looking at you Benny and Jess!

Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle
The culprits. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

When it comes to mopping alone, it seems like such an effort to get the bucket out, fill it with water, add detergent or find a good 'hard floor cleaner' spray that won't leave streaky marks on the floor, you've got to have a bucket with two sections so you're not mixing dirty water with clean water. And to be honest if I haven't thoroughly vacuumed before hand sometimes it feels like I'm just pushing hair around the floor.

Not with the Kärcher FC-7 Cordless though!

It works on all kinds of hard floor surfaces to pick up wet and dry dirt (yes - dog hair, spilt spaghetti and soggy cereal included) thanks to a design that features four contra-rotating cleaning rollers and a clever dual-tank water system.

As you sweep and mop, the rollers are dampened with clean water and detergent from one tank to pick up dirt and mop the floor as you move it in both a forward and reverse motion. And as the dirt comes up, it’s filtered easily into the removable dirty water tank, so you’re not spreading it back over the floor as you continue to clean.

And with no electrical cord to tie you down, and a 45- minute battery run time, you have maximum freedom to clean. It has a 90-degree pivot head to ensure flexibility around corners and objects, and even under furniture. Plus the rollers cover the full width of the mop’s surface to allow for edge-to-edge cleaning, you’ll be able to clean right up to the edges of walls.

To clarify though it is not a vacuum cleaner. There’s no suction function but with the FC 7 Cordless technology there's no need to vacuum before using, which is a huge time saver. 

The Results

So how did it go? Once you got through the initial set up - which was very simple with the helpful 'Quick start Guide' though did take a bit of time to make sure everything was in the right spot - honestly I've never cleaned my floors in less time!

Once it was ready to go it was a matter of popping some water and detergent in the tank and off we went, less than 10 minutes later I had done the three main living areas - kitchen, dining, lounge. The coverage was great - the amount of water was also perfect. You don't want to use too much on laminate and it was super easy to change the water level on the device.

karcher FC7 trial Yahoo Lifestyle
It covered the entire area perfectly with just the right amount of water and picked up all the dog hair. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle
karcher review
Scuff marks, paw prints and hair were gone. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

One of the greatest features I found afterwards was the Kärcher FC-7 Cordless' self-cleaning function, where the dirt is automatically flushed from the rollers once the device is placed in its cleaning station and the mode is activated.

And the rollers can then simply be cleaned in the washing machine as well after a few uses.

The downside

There wasn't much I could fault with the machine, other than the fact I will probably have to clean out the pet hair pick up after every single use. Or at least do a quick sweep before hand.

Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle
I said there was a lot of dog hair! Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

It's a little grubby to do, but again very easy, the hair will be wet, but you're given a little brush to help you pull the it free.

Otherwise, honestly the fact I had sparkling floors in under 15 minutes blew my mind and has definitely made me 'dread' the task of mopping my house a lot less!

Currently the Kärcher FC-7 Cordless $799 but includes free shipping. 

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