Andy Reid was a bit too excited after beating Lions: ‘Not all of Mozart’s paintings were perfect!’

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid was hyped after beating the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to a clutch 13-play, 79-yard drive led by Patrick Mahomes in the final minute, the Chiefs scored a touchdown to escape Ford Field with a 34-30 win — preserving their undefeated record.

Naturally, Reid was extremely excited in the locker room after the win. The 61-year-old quickly gave an impassioned speech to his team, one that — on the surface — was very clever.

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“Not all of Mozart’s paintings were perfect!” Reid yelled to his team. “The end result, though, is that sucker’s gonna sell for a million dollars!”

That’s a great analogy. Well, it would be if Mozart was a painter.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was, of course, the legendary composer and pianist in the 1700s. His focus in the arts was entirely on music, not on painting.

Good effort, coach. Maybe do a quick review of the history books before next week’s matchup.

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