Justin Timberlake mesmerises with gravity-defying microphone

Bianca Soldani

Justin Timberlake’s high-energy half time show brought some serious celeb power to the NFL Super Bowl.

But one element that really caught people’s eye wasn’t the singer’s carefully choreographed dance moves, or his incredibly enthusiastic rent-a-crowd; but rather his microphone.

Towards the end of his lengthy set, JT leapt onto a small stage with a solitary microphone stand and immediately moved to push it over.

Wait, that wasn't supposed to happen. Photo: Getty
Gravity-defying microphone... Photo: Getty

Only the microphone didn’t fall over, it bounced right back up.

The same happened when he pushed it down under his leg, and to the side, in a mesmerising gravity-defying stunt, that pretty much won the show.

The trick was mostly well-received by viewers on Twitter, but some pointed out that it looked suspiciously like this move by Ciara.

"Justin Timberlake really had the nerve to steal Ciara’s microphone routine from the 'promise' video... I’m calling the police," one person said on Twitter.

But let’s not forget that JT has always loved a good microphone stand too.

Here he is dancing around with one at the 2013 Grammy Awards:

He was pretty deft with this non bendy microphone. Photo: Getty