Justin Bieber has a crush on Michelle Obama


Justin Bieber has a crush on Michelle Obama.

The 16-year-old pop star has so much admiration for America’s "glamorous" First Lady – the wife of US President Barack Obama – he even has a full length poster of her on his bedroom wall.

A friend of the ‘Baby’ singer said: "It sounds strange but Justin is a genuine fan. He met Michelle Obama when he sang for the Obamas at a concert in Washington DC last Christmas and was impressed.

"He likes that she is so glamorous looking without looking unnatural or plastic like so many people he meets. She is someone he greatly admires."

As well as thinking 46-year-old Michelle – who has two daughters, Malia and Sasha, with Barack - is attractive, Justin also admires her "principled" personality.

The friend told The Sun newspaper: "He likes what she represents. She’s a strong, independent woman and a dedicated mother. She’s also principled and does a lot of work for charity."

Since meeting the Obamas, Justin has struck up a friendship 12-year-old Malia over her love of music and his manager and bodyguard have been joking with him about how well they get on.

Michelle isn’t the first older woman Justin has admitted to having a crush on, he recently confessed he would like to date pop stars Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry and 'Harry Potter' actress Emma Watson.