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Food was scarce during my stay at the hospital. Meals arrived around the time I nearly passed out from hunger! And this was after sleepless nights, when breastfeeding was depleting my energy and hormones were, well, making me mean. On my second day in the hospital, by the time breakfast arrived, I was in tears. If I had it to do over again, I'd have packed snacks to carry me from meal to meal. Crackers, fruit, a few sweet treats; anything would have been better than practically starving and being unable to leave my hospital room to stock up on reinforcements.

I Just Gave Birth, and These Are the 10 Things I Regret Not Packing in My Hospital Bag

As a new mom, I read every essentials list on what to pack in my hospital delivery bag. I added and subtracted with each subsequent delivery, so I thought I'd covered all my bases when I went to pack my hospital delivery bag for my fourth time for the birth of my son. Baby's coming-home outfit? Check. Camera? Check. Toothbrush. Duh. Besides, this wasn't my first rodeo. I had this, right? Wrong.

There were several things I didn't pack that I really, really wish I had. You'd have thought I'd learn by now! But I'm hoping that by sharing what I regret failing to include in my hospital bag, I can help other soon-to-be mamas enjoy the most comfortable, convenient hospital stays possible. Keep reading to find out what every new mom should pack (along with the essentials everyone tells you to have on hand) when you head into labor and delivery.


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