Jurors visit scene of alleged execution-style murder

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A decade after a spray painter was gunned down at point blank range in suburban Adelaide, a murder trial jury has visited the crime scene.

Musa Alzuain, 30, his brothers Husain Alzuain, 35, and Mohamed Alzuain, 31, along with Daniel Mark Jalleh, 34, Ross William Montgomery, 38, Seywan Moradi, 36, Kyle Lloyd Pryde, 34, and Nicholas Sianis, 36 are accused of the execution-style murder of innocent man Jason De leso in a gang war.

All have pleaded not guilty and are on trial in South Australia's Supreme Court, which Justice Brian Martin says could take as long as six months.

The jury visited Mr De Ieso's former Pooraka business in Adelaide's north to view the crime scene on Friday.

The 15-person panel arrived at the former crash repair shop in a bus, to be greeted by Justice Martin, about 20 lawyers representing the eight men charged over the grisly murder, prosecutors and a contingent of police.

The defendants chose not to attend.

Mr De Ieso was struck in the head "at point blank range" with a single round from a sawn-off shotgun just inside the front roller door of the shop nearly a decade ago.

Prosecutor Ryan Williams took the jury through the crime scene pointing out relevant security cameras and the changes to the location since the attack in November 2012.

The building now has no link to Mr De Ieso's old business, Unique Custom Paint and Panel.

The street, which was blocked off for a portion of the viewing, remains a relatively quiet commercial, light-industrial precinct.

Surrounding businesses now include a scrap yard, a wedding hire outlet, a moving business and a gun shop.

The jury was told on Thursday police believe the youngest of three brothers involved in the attack, Musa Alzuain, fired the fatal shot.

Crown prosecutor Jim Pearce KC had already told the jury while Musa Alzuain pulled the trigger, all were guilty of murder through joint enterprise.

A ninth man is also suspected of taking part but he has since died.

It's alleged the men were all either members, prospects or close associates of the Hells Angels north crew, and the shooting was the culmination of an ongoing feud with the Finks bikie gang.

The Alzuain family home was firebombed the night before the shooting.

The jury has been told 33-year-old Mr De Ieso was an innocent victim of the gang war and the defendants had gone to his shop looking for another man linked to the Finks.

He had left the business just minutes before the gang arrived and opened fire with up to three separate weapons.

The trial continues.