Julia Fox divides with 'hideous' DIY bikini: 'Atrocious'

Uncut Gems star Julia Fox has shocked fans with yet another bizarre outfit — but this time, she has designed and made it herself.

In a TikTok video, she demonstrated how she created a DIY bikini ‘dress’ using just leaves, resin and chains, leaving very little to the imagination.

L: Julia Fox picks up a red leaf. R: Julia Fox models a bikini top made out of chains
The star coated multiple leaves in resin to create her 'Fall 2022 Dress'. Photo: TikTok/juliafox

She began the video by collecting autumn leaves from a park, explaining why she decided to create the unusual fashion piece, titled 'Fall 2022 Dress'.

“So I’m obsessed with leaves, and I go to the park every day so I’ve been seeing the leaves change, and I just got really inspired,” she revealed.


Along with her friend Emma, who is an artist and ‘resin master’, the pair coated each ‘handpicked’ leaf in resin before assembling the fashion piece.

The star used a hot glue gun to create a ‘boob cup’, using the bent stem to create a loop which she then threaded a thin chain through.

Two photos of Julia Fox wearing a two piece bikini made out of leaves and chains
The finished dress was savaged on social media. Photo: TikTok/juliafox

Julia explained that she wanted the pieces to feel like ‘body jewellery more than clothing’ and convey a sense of ‘falling’, to align with the fall season.

The final outfit doesn’t look like a dress, instead, it looks like a bikini made from leaves. The top part has a set of leaves covering each breast, along with an array of leaves underneath her shoulders and is held together by thin chains.

The bottom has two rows of leaves held around her hips with a chain, in a similar style to a tiny miniskirt.

She finished off her look with some tall, over-the-knee brown boots and wore resin-coated leaves as earrings.

“And then this is the final,” she said while showing off the outfit. “I’m kind of obsessed with it. I dunno if it’s really wearable because my booty was all out in it, but I’m obsessed with it. And it was really a labour of love.”


The star was roasted on social media, with some saying the outfit was ‘hideous’ and ‘terrible’.

“The outfit itself is atrocious, I’m sorry,” a fan wrote.

“This gives me Lord of the Rings or lady under the bed vibes… I’m scared,” a second added.

“‘Hand picked’, there’s like four leaves there. Acting like it’s hard ass labour,” another pointed out.

“Imagine walking around the city and you see Julia Fox hunched over behind a tree digging around for good leaves,” a fourth quipped.

While there were some negative comments, many fans were stunned by the outfit and praised the star for her creativity.

“Omg you are so cool, like everything you do is innovative,” one fan gushed.

“You are an icon and we don’t deserve you,” a second wrote.

“Not gonna lie this is incredibly creative and not to mention the final product is very visually stimulating. I love this!” another commented.

“Julia Fox could turn water into wine but Jesus couldn’t turn autumn leaves into a haute couture resin two piece,” quipped a fourth.

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