Joy Behar Hurls Mean Insults At Travis Kelce In 'View' Chat On Taylor Swift Love

“The View” host Joy Behar on Thursday called Travis Kelce “illiterate” and said she didn’t want Taylor Swift “stuck with this idiot.” (Watch the video below.)

Behar’s evisceration of the NFL star, now 34, and his romance with the 33-year-old pop icon emerged while the panel dissected Kelce’s resurfaced old tweets, some dating back to 2010.

Rife with misspellings, Kelce’s tweets included musings about mundane things like feeding a “squirle” or getting to “stair” out the classroom window. But Behar noted some of Kelce’s less charming posts.

“Here’s one of his quotes: ‘Damn, the Clippers girls gotta be the girls that don’t make the Lakers team cause they was all ugly,’” Behar read.

“He’s illiterate,” she snapped.

She then recited a Kelce entry in which he asked “Why can’t girls hide they back fat?” and another in which he lamented the presence of “ugly cheerleaders.”

Asked why she cared so much, Behar said she was a Swiftie who admired the singer’s efforts to get fans to vote. “So I don’t want her to be stuck with this idiot,” she said.

Earlier Whoopi Goldberg played defense for the athlete. “Show me a high school boy who hasn’t said something stupid about girls.”

But Behar clearly wasn’t having it.