Josh Jones' mom takes charge after his draft fall stops in the third round with Cardinals

Opinions varied on Houston tackle Josh Jones heading into the NFL draft, but he wasn’t expected to fall out of the second round.

But when the third round started on Friday, he was still on the board. When the Arizona Cardinals saw value and the opportunity to invest in protecting second-year quarterback Kyler Murray at No. 72, they put an end to his fall.

It made for an emotional moment in the Jones household, which was one of many with cameras set up for the NFL’s social-distancing draft. Jones leaned his head into his arms and wept while collecting congratulations from his family sitting with him on his couch.

Mama Jones with the block

Then one woman came in from another room to share in the love — his grandmother maybe? And the woman sitting next to Jones — presumably his mom — was not having it. That hug would have to wait until the cameras were off.

Nice work, mama Jones. This is Josh’s moment. He’s earned it. Grandma can wait a minute.

And even though he fell a few spots and pay jumps below where he expected, Jones found himself in a pretty nice spot on one of the most exciting young offenses in the NFL.

Here’s guessing grandma got her hug and Jones is feeling pretty good about his lot in life right about now.

Josh Jones' mom delivered a Dikembe Mutombo finger wag to ensure her son's draft moment wasn't spoiled. (NFL via AP)

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