Teen inspires thousands with incredible transformation

Kristine Tarbert
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Josie Desgrand has halved her body weight and is unrecognisable. Photo: Instagram/nolongerfatjosie

A young woman’s incredible transformation is inspiring thousands, after she lost half her body weight in just 12 months.

Josephine Desgrand, from Queensland, has been sharing her weight loss journey on her @nolongerfatjosie Instagram account and has gained over 140k followers she hopes to help in their own journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The 19-year-old used to be addicted to chocolate and sweets, and had ballooned to 120kgs by the time she was just 16.

“I had tried dieting many times previously but was never successful. I started to think that I would be overweight for the rest of my life as I was too lazy to change so I always just gave up,” she wrote on her Instagram.

But after curbing her sugar addiction and adopting a healthy diet and exercise program she’s lost over 63kg.

Josie has been sharing her journey with her 140k followers. Photo: Instagram/nolongerfatjosie

Josephine says she was constantly bullied and suffered from depression but had tried a number of different diets without success.

Now a size 8, she was able to wear the high school formal dress of her dreams, sharing her journey with her followers.

“I created this account to inspire and motivate others on my journey, sharing what I have done and the challenges I have faced and how to overcome them,” she wrote.

“Body positive means accepting the body you have and to be comfortable in your own skin, not punishing yourself for looking the way you do.”

She admits when she first started losing weight she did it with a negative mindset of wanting to be thin and “look like Gigi Hadid”.

“I despised my body and just wanted to change,” she admits. “I now understand the ‘treat your body like a temple’ concept. Throughout my journey, I started to truly love my body, and instead of it being my enemy, I treated it like my best friend.”

Her fans constantly thank her for her honest posts.

“You are still my most favourite inspiration,” one person wrote.

“You should be so proud of how far you have come. You really give inspiration to those who are walking this path,” another addd.

And while she has already undergone one major transformation, Josie has a journey of a different kind to look forward to now.

Just last month, she shared the news that she is pregnant.

“This is the beginning of a new amazing journey,” she wrote.

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