Here's What Joseph Quinn Said About Eddie Munson's Possible Return To "Stranger Things"

Summer of 2022 feels like such a fever dream, because, like, remember when the entire world got obsessed with Eddie Munson?

Eddie Munson from "Stranger Things" sits at a wooden table in a forest, talking to an unidentified person
Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Just picture those Hellfire Club shirts as far as the eye could see, "Master of Puppets" playing in the distance, the "Chrissy, Wake Up" song stuck in your head...

Gaten Matarazzo and Joseph Quinn in a scene from "Stranger Things" wearing survival gear and looking upwards with determined expressions
Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

And every single person you've ever met mimicking this:

Joseph Quinn humorously poses with his tongue out and hands on his head, wearing a denim jacket and a "Hellfire Club" t-shirt
Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

And if you watched all of Stranger Things' fourth season, you know that our beloved Eddie met his demise in the Upside Down after sacrificing himself for the sake of his friends. He played "Master of Puppets" to attract the demobats...remember? It was a whole thing.

Eddie Munson from Stranger Things, wearing a leather jacket and playing a guitar on a dark, eerie stage with red lighting

And people (aka me) were inconsolable.

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

So, now two years later, Stranger Things is back in production, and Joseph Quinn, who played Eddie, has some thoughts about whether or not our favorite will return.

Joseph Quinn in a mauve suit poses at a SiriusXM event
Noam Galai / Getty Images

During a red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight, he was asked what the chances are he might spend some time with the crew again. "The chances are high," he said. "I love those guys! I'd love to say hello."

Joseph Quinn being interviewed by an ET journalist at the Tribeca Festival. Quinn wears a white blazer and shirt, while the journalist holds a microphone

"I'm sure they're working very hard to land the plane," he added. "It's been a long time that they've been working on that, so I'm really delighted that they're kind of getting towards the end, and they're having a nice time."

Joseph Quinn being interviewed at the Tribeca Festival. He is wearing a white suit

"I'm sure they're gonna deliver it in a pretty epic finale. I have no doubts," he said.

Joe Quinn, in a white suit, is interviewed by an ET reporter at Tribeca Festival. The reporter wears a sleeveless patterned dress

Then, when ET's Rachel Smith said she had a feeling fans might see Eddie again, Joseph said, "Do you? You have a feeling, huh. I might have that feeling, too...or maybe I don't? Who knows!"

Interview on the red carpet with Joseph Quinn, wearing a white suit, and an Entertainment Tonight (ET) host, wearing a sleeveless patterned dress, during Tribeca Festival

This tease comes just a few months after a fan asked Joseph flat out during a fan convention if he was "coming back next season." After getting a little *too* giggly, Joseph said, "I do know...but I'm not telling you."

Closeup of Joseph Quinn
Variety / Variety via Getty Images

He didn't say no, so I'm staying optimistic!!!!!!!

Anyway, watch the full interview here.