José Andrés' Global Restaurant Guide Is Truly A Holiday Gift

José Andrés talking
José Andrés talking - Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

When planning a vacation — or any long-distance travel — it's common to seek recommendations from people you trust about where to stay, what to eat, and which attractions to visit, especially if you're visiting a specific destination for the first time. On November 10, celebrity chef and restaurant owner José Andrés announced on Instagram that he's launching a new service called The Chef's List to give the world a record of his favorite spots to eat and drink around the globe.

This project began because, according to Andrés' post, people frequently ask him for recommendations of where to dine when they're traveling. Andrés also said that, because many restaurants are close to his heart, he wanted to build a community around his love of global cuisine. He added that the platform will include input from some of his peers, such as Eva Longoria and Marcus Samuelson, as well as from users who subscribe to the service.

To join, potential contributors must prove they have "good taste" by emailing the site and detailing what foods they like to eat. "We want to trust each other's recommendations, so we need you to show that you're really into this, like I am," Andrés wrote on his blog.

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For $50 A Year, You Can Learn To Eat Abroad Like José Andrés

José Andrés giving thumbs up
José Andrés giving thumbs up - Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images

This holiday season, you can give the gift of dining out like a celebrity chef. José Andrés' new project will allow users to eat like he does on his travels, as subscribers to The Chef's List receive a map with curated suggestions for eating and drinking all over the world from everyone who uses the service. Andrés gave a preview of the content on his blog, where he showed off his favorite restaurants in Barcelona, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., and Mexico City. A membership to The Chef's List costs $50 per year, which might make the perfect gift for a foodie in your life.

Andrés' Instagram fans began sharing their enthusiasm when the celebrity chef announced the new service. Many started listing their suggestions for dining out worldwide directly in the comments, while others praised Andrés for this idea. "Sir, you are one of the most innovative people in the world. Thank you for all you do!!" wrote one commenter. Another simply said, "You're doing God's work, sir."

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