Jon Bon Jovi On Vocal Issues: “Step By Step, I’m Getting Back To It”

An AC/DC song once noted that it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n roll. But it’s an even longer way back, particularly if vocal cord issues are in play.

Bon Jovi spoke with People at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s latest exhibit centered around his band. The singer talked about getting back to performing vocal cord surgery.

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“We performed last night in Nashville, and everything was very good,” he said. “So step by step, I’m getting back to it.”

Shania Twain, who had similar voice problems, bolstered his confidence in getting the procedure done.

“She’s been my spirit sister in this,” Bon Jovi said. They shared the same doctor and Twain had the same surgery done a few years before.

In his new Hulu docuseries, Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, Bon Jovi said the vocal problems started around 2015. But he held off on seeking help until 2022.

Bon Jovi turned to Twain because “She’s the only other one I’ve known that’s ever had this surgery, with this doctor, and the only reason I found that out is because she reported it in the press,” he said.

“Not only did she reassure me that it would be OK, but I think she also pulled my leg a little bit because she told me I’d be out there a lot sooner than I have been. She says, ‘Well, I told you that because I knew that you might back out otherwise.’ And so, I couldn’t wait to get the operation.”

Now he works with vocal coaches and does voice exercises. “Every day is the recovery process,” he says.

The next Bon Jovi album, Forever, is out now.

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