Joël Robuchon’s famous four ingredient mash recipe revealed

Allison Yee
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He was known as the ‘Godfather of Michelin stars’ thanks to his legendary cooking, but there was one recipe the late, great Joël Robuchon was known for – and it’s none other than his potato mash.

Joël’s passing at age 73 after battling cancer has seen tributes pour in from his high-profile protégés, including Gordon Ramsey (who he once threw a plate at).

Joël credits his potato puree recipe for making his reputation what it was, and kickstarting his Michelin-star littered career  Photo: Getty

But for those who want to pay their respects at home, the French chef’s signature mashed potato recipe has been revealed, and it’s ridiculously simple.

The chef, who admitted he “owe[d] everything to these mashed potatoes,” used the same key ingredients we all do – potatoes, salt, butter and milk – but managed to elevate it through technique. has revealed the easy method, which sees you bring two litres of cold water to boil with salt, before adding one kilograms of scrubbed, unpeeled potatoes.

Only four ingredients are needed for Joël’s signature mash. Photo: Getty

After draining the potatoes, quickly peel them while they’re still hot before passing them through a food mill.

Use a spatula to dry out the potato, before adding 250 grams of chilled butter and 250 millilitres hot milk.

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