Job seeker mortified after accidentally receiving insulting email

Allison Yee
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For those job seekers out there who have closed the door after an interview and wondered what their interrogators really thought of them, one British woman found out the hard way after she was accidentally sent an insulting email about herself.

Paige Bond from Hampshire had sent in an application for a box packing role at a local organics grocery company, Forest Whole Foods.

Paige has gone public after she was sent an insulting email about herself following a job application. Photo: Instagram/paige007bond

Instead of getting the response she wanted, Paige was shocked when she was sent an email by a store employee that was clearly meant to be sent internally.

“OK I know exactly the type of person she is in my mind,” reports the email reading.

“Small, bubbly, slightly irritating but probably really good at what you need her for — organised, quick, chavvy.”

(Quick translation for those wondering what a chav is, it’s kind of like our Aussie bogan.)

“She is probably worth interviewing if you think you can cope with having someone like her,” the email continued.

“I bet her voice is really irritating.”

Paige, 48, was left fuming despite the employee later calling up to apologise and invite her in for an interview.

Despite not being interviewed, she was described as ‘chavvy’ and ‘irritating’ in the email that was meant to be sent internally. Photo: Instagram/paige007bond

“I thought I’m a strong woman, I will go for that interview,” she told the Daily Mail. “I wanted to see that woman.”

Despite going in for an interview with the store’s boss (and not the woman who sent her the insulting email) Paige hasn’t heard back and says she’s outraged at the company’s treatment of vulnerable job seekers who might be desperate for a job.

“I think it’s disgusting because I am unemployed,” she told the Mail. “I will go for anything.”

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