Job listing for nanny position goes viral for its outrageous list of demands

A tweet featuring screenshots of nanny job listings is going viral for the parents’ absurd list of demands, and the Internet cannot believe the audacity.

Twitter user Emily Murnane (@emily_murnane) is a comedian, writer, and director who recently tweeted a picture of a job posting for a nanny position, and the requirements are so ridiculous that the viral tweet blew up all over the internet.

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“My favorite Facebook genre is parents posting unhinged nanny requirements,” Murnane tweeted along with two screenshots of the posts.

One parent is offering a rate of $18 per day for a caregiver with a master’s degree or higher so their 5-year-old and 7-year-old will be “intellectually challenged.” In addition to possessing an advanced degree, potential candidates must also be between the ages of 24 and 28 to keep up with their kids’ energy levels.

Another parent is offering to pay $10 per hour in cash, which they say is “like making $15 per hour normally but without paying tax.” While this household doesn’t require a master’s degree to care for their 3-year-old, 5-year-old, and two pit bulls, eligible candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in childcare or at least 9 years of babysitting experience.

On top of the abysmal compensation and distorted expectations, both parents also want nannies with open availability, willing to foot the bill for items such as snacks and educational materials.

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The funny, albeit indicatively unsettling, tweet had jaws dropping all over Twitter.

“I got my master’s degree to make $4 an hour,” joked one person.

“I love the very specific age range and ‘must have a master’s degree,’” someone tweeted with a series of laughing emojis.

“I don’t get out of bed for less than $19 per day,” joked one Twitter user, referring to the notorious quote from supermodel Linda Evangelista.

Who knew school dropoff required a master’s degree?

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