Jimmy Kimmel Takes Aim At Trump's Biggest Sore Spot With A 'Tiny' Joke

Jimmy Kimmel said Donald Trump’s first visit with his probation officer this week could lead to a new round of legal problems after the former president admitted he has a gun in Florida.

“That could be a violation of his parole and could be another potential felony,” Kimmel pointed out. “Who does this guy think he is, Hunter Biden?”

The son of President Joe Biden was found guilty this week on felony gun charges.

Kimmel was puzzled by Trump’s admission.

“Why does he even have a gun? He’s surrounded by Secret Service. Maybe he’s trying to protect himself from the windmills out there trying to kill him,” he said. “How would a gun even work with those tiny fingers? Giving Trump a gun is like giving a dog a saxophone.”

Trump is famously sensitive about the size of his hands, which multiple people who’ve known him have said are unusually small. An imprint he left at Madame Tussauds wax museum in New York shows his hand size is well below average, at roughly the 15th percentile, according to The Washington Post.

See more in Kimmel’s Wednesday night monologue: