Jimmy and Holly reveal who they think will win The Bachelor 2023

The Bachelor season nine stars Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston reveal who they think will win The Bachelors 2023. Watch to find out.

Video transcript

- I see her for Jed. Ice skating girl. They had some real chemistry. And I think she looks genuine and lovely. I think she could be a front runner.

- Yeah.

- OK, we're both going to go Alesia for the front runner. Could be a bit too obvious, but we'll call it. Leah and cake for Thomas. Leah had the lovely music. Seems genuine. Seems lovely. We like her.

- Yeah. And your favorite KK.

- First impressions of KK seems beautiful. I think she sings very soulful, which I think Thomas will like. One name.

- Leah.

- KK.

- Felix Von Pash.

- Von Pash could be controversial, but I'm saying Jessica.

- Oh, you liked her dance.

- I like Jessica.

- Dancer.

- Dancer. I could just see in his eyes, and he said after, he said, this is exactly why I'm here. And you could tell, he wouldn't say that unless he was really, really into it. He was like bang, yes, she's exactly my type. And she seems super sweet.

- Yeah, it could be right. And I'm just to disagree with you. I am going down here and I'm going to Tilly.

- Oh. Tilly is cricketer.

- Another front runner.

- They were the ones that tried to him. And they realized they had the big mask on.

- Yes. They did. He went for a-- Von Pash went in for a Von Pash.