Jimmy Fallon Mocks Fox News' Coverage Of Biden Family

Jimmy Fallon proved Wednesday he could probably moonlight as a headline writer for Fox News if he wanted. (Watch the video below.)

The “Tonight Show” host was summing up President Joe Biden’s travels in Europe of late and noted his latest destination.

“The president is in Italy for the G7 summit, or as Fox News put it, ‘Biden flees country after Hunter convicted.’” Fallon sniped.

The comedian may not be so far off in zinging the conservative’s channel coverage of the trial and the Biden family in general. Hunter Biden faces potential jail time because a jury found he illegally owned a gun after lying about his status as a drug addict on a federal firearms application.

Many Fox News personalities hailed the verdict as proof that no one was above the law, and that even the “sleazy, corrupt conduct” of Biden’s family was being held accountable. But in a split-screen comparison shared by CNN, the same hosts decried the conviction of Trump in his hush-money trial as a politically motivated farce.

Enjoy the whole monologue or fast forward to 1:08 for Fallon’s Fox dig.