Jim Carrey claims ex Cathriona 'faked' medical records

Rebekah Scanlan

The wrongful death case against Jim Carrey begins this week, with the star himself set to take the stand on Friday.

Jim is facing a lawsuit from the family of ex-girlfriend Cathriona White, who accuse the actor of being responsible for her death after Cat died by suicide last October.

The Dumb & Dumber actor however has slammed their claims in court documents that have emerged ahead of the hearing, with the star saying she faked medical records in an attempt to extort him for millions of dollars.

Jim has claimed his ex forged her medical records. Source: Getty

The late Irish make-up artist’s mum, Brigid, and her ex-husband, Mark Buron, are suing Carrey, claiming that he supplied Cathriona with a mixture of pills that resulted in her fatal overdose.

Cathriona’s mother has also accused the comedian of giving her daughter multiple sexually transmitted diseases.

Jim Carrey believes Cat's family are trying to extort him. Source: Getty

But Jim is disputing the allegations, saying his ex changed her friend’s medical records to trick him on her STD results when they began dating. He claims in the documents that have been obtained by People, that she backdated the form from 2013 to 2011.

“White’s intent in obtaining these records was clear — she cooked the records, creating forgeries with altered information, phony tests and fictitious dates,” the papers stated.

Jim was a pallbearer at Cathriona's funeral. Source: Getty
The court case is set to begin this week. Source: Getty

The actor is also claiming to have proof the records were forged, in text messages between Cat and her friend where they discuss their plans.

As the lengthy legal case continues, Jim had previously issued a statement on Twitter where he said he described what was happening as 'unimaginable.'

The pair had dated on and off from 2012 to her death in 2015.

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