Jessie J doesn't care what you think of her cellulite

In the Instagram world, it’s not uncommon for celebs and influencers to photoshop their own snaps before posting.

However, one star who refuses to apologise for her body “imperfection” is Jessie J, and her fans are absolutely loving it.

The British singer recently shared a cheeky beachside photo with her 7.7 million followers, and was quick to shut down any haters who would even think of body shaming her.

Jessie’s just turned 30 and is celebrating on holidays. Photo: Instagram/Jessie J

“Took ages to hairspray my hair like that. My shadow is my mood,” Jessie jokes in the caption. “Oh, and for those telling me I have cellulite. I know. I own a mirror.”

The photo immediately received praise for the star’s decision to ditch Photoshop in favour of showing off her body as is.

“LOVE that you didn’t photoshop your pic to hide the cellulite!” one fan wrote. “I struggle so much with mine constantly worrying I’m not pretty enough bc of all the “perfect” photoshopped bodies all over social media. Need more ppl showing off real natural bodies to help get rid of the stigma.”

“Awesome, our booties are twins,” another commented. “I like myself a little more now.”

This isn’t the first time the singer has spoken out about accepting her body.

In 2016, she shared a snap of her derrière, writing, “I could write a deep and meaningful quote to make this less of a ‘pic of my bum’ but that’s all it is. No deep quote, just a pic of my bum. I have been working on my body recently. When I can be bothered to. To gain weight and to be stronger, fitter, healthier and to feel good!”

The journey, she continued, meant “accepting my cellulite but doing something about it instead of just moaning about it!”

“A bit of self love and celebrating the body you’re in is positive and needed!”

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