Jessica Brody reacts to The Bachelors 2023 best moments

The Bachelor season seven and Bachelor in Paradise season three star Jessica Brody sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack episodes two and three of 'The Bachelors'.

Video transcript

JESSICA BRODY: I was for sure the person everyone looked down and was like, who is this girl? Where did she come from?

Hi, I'm Jessica Brody from Season 7 of "The Bachelor" and Season 3 of "Bachelor in Paradise."

Oh, my gosh, I'm on "The Bachelor." These old girls are going to be shook.

Today, I'm recapping the biggest moments from episodes two and three of "The Bachelor's" 2023 with Yahoo Lifestyle.

- Kiss me real.

- How's that?

- Huh? OK. You can do what you want.

- Oh, they're kissing. They're kissing.

- Holy [BLEEP]!

JESSICA BRODY: That's how I feel, that girl's face.

- I also hate rules and I break them all the time.

- So you can break them right now?

- Yeah.

- Oh, god!

- I tried my hardest to not kiss her in public, but she's incredibly hot.

JESSICA BRODY: "She's incredibly hot." Um, it's like, control yourself! It's so disrespectful, because you're all dating the same person and it sucks.

Like, I don't blame the girls at all. If I was the girls, I'd probably do the same thing. You're trying to get the affections of this man who is sharing it with all these other women, so of course you're going to take that kiss, you know?

But he needs to be more discerning about where and when he's doing it! And when he's like, "Oh, I can't help myself. She's incredibly hot."

OK, like, there's more to life than-- like, she is incredibly hot. Don't get me wrong. I'd kiss her, too, but just not there on set. I just-- oh, I feel like he gives me, like, the ick sometimes. He's just a bit-- he's not for me.

If you're at a cocktail party and he wants to take you off and kiss you in the orchard, or wherever it is, that's fine-- but like, in front of everyone is a bit gross. And I-- do you know what I think it is? I reckon Felix has one too many champagnes and he just can't help himself. He thinks he's at Circus at 3:00 AM and he's, like, ooh, hot chicks! He just needs to reel it in a little bit.

- What's your thoughts on open relationships?

- I think I struggle. Because obviously, you know, I'm the sort of white picket fence guy. But I wouldn't be able to deal with an open relationship. Like, I want to be with someone--

JESSICA BRODY: That's fair.

- --and if you're not up for that, I think that this decision is in your court.

JESSICA BRODY: I think he handled it really well. This is such a complicated issue. It's a really new experience to a lot of people. You know, polyamory and that-- that sort of thing is not, I guess, the most common thing in the world.

It's-- it's so weird, because he's in a relationship with 10 girls right now. So he's in this polyamorous kind of situation where he's sort of dating 10 girls, and then telling a girl who's polyamorous "Oh, no." You know? But he obviously wants a monogamous relationship at the end of this, and I think that that's totally fine.

And then you know what? If it was me, if I was Felix, I would want to know from date number one that that person was in a relationship. I would want to know before I brought them to the Gold Coast.

I kind of feel for him. I kind of feel for him being thrown into that situation, not really knowing how to react. There's cameras everywhere, and you have to be discerning about what you're saying. But at the same time, it would be really overwhelming.

So I actually do feel for Felix in this situation. I think that he handled it really well. He wasn't aggressive or nasty to Jessica. He was just sort of like, look, this is what I want, XYZ, and I don't know if that fits what you want. And I wish I kind of knew sooner, you know, before I built this connection with you.

So I kind of support Felix. Everybody is entitled to their preference. Not everybody wants to be monogamous. Not everybody wants to be polyamorous. And we have to understand that it's an individualistic situation, which I think should be communicated early on.

I think it was pretty bold of Jessica to just say, you know, I wanted to wait for a single date. He's got a limited amount of single dates, and he's trying to find the love of his life. And if there's a deal breaker before that, then I think that he should know so that he can use his single date in a way that seems fitting for his growth into a relationship.

I don't know, I'm a bit torn. Like, I am a little bit torn, because I do also understand that she wants to tell him in a way that's comfortable for her. It is something that's quite personal. And when you're putting it on camera as well, you're putting it out there to the world.

And I had a lot of mixed feelings throughout the episode with the way that Jessica handled the situation. There was a lot of Jessica crying over the fact that, you know, Felix might not be OK with it. And-- and that that might mean that she's going home and da da da.

But this is your lifestyle choice. And if it's not OK with him, then he's not the person for you anyway. And I-- you know, if I was her, I'd want to go home. If you don't align, then you shouldn't want to be there anyways.

- Tash, you're embarrassing yourself. Seriously, stop.

- You're embarrassing yourself, too, [? bah. ?] Because you didn't want to speak up to my face.

JESSICA BRODY: Embarrassing yourself, too, [? bah. ?]

- You wanted to target me.

- Holy [BLEEP].

- Ladies!

- Oh, my god, thank you.

- Ladies!

- Shut up!

- I think he shouldn't have gave that to you before I see the true colors.

- Ladies.

- Shut up!

- This is a lot.

- Oh, baby, go.

JESSICA BRODY: Don't disrespect Osher.

- --a fire, you can't put it out.

- Exactly.

- But baby, you're going to put out your own fire.

- Sweetheart.

JESSICA BRODY: Oh, my god-- "baby," "sweetheart," "baby," "darling."

- Clearly, there's a-- there's a lot to talk about.

JESSICA BRODY: Uh, the thought of, like, speaking over Osher makes me feel sick. Do you know who that man is? I mean, I think Tasha's a little bit older. I think she's in her 30s.

But it's very immature, like, this "baby girl," "sweetheart," da da da da da. And they're just rattling off this, like, passive aggressive-- not even passive aggressive. Just-- uh.

I don't understand why Jasmine's getting so heavily involved. I don't know if it's because her bachelor is Jed as well. Maybe she's a bit jealous of Tash. Or maybe she's just defensive and-- or maybe she's really close with Jessica and we just haven't seen that.

The speaking over Osher just kills me. Also, there's so many random faces that pop up that I'm like, who are you? Where did you come from?

Like, a girl who's like, "thanks, Osher." I'm like, did you just arrive? Like, what happened? Who are you?

But that's-- I guess I was that person. I don't know. [LAUGHS] I was for sure the person that everyone looked down, was like, who is this girl? Where did she come from?

So I want to say this. I don't see it as super bad that Tash said what she said. I don't think that Tash going to Jed and Felix about what came from Jessica is the worst thing in the world. Towards the end of the episode, there's other things that she says that I'm like, oh, I-- I can't with you.

But she's getting a bit more of a villain edit-- you know, the music. The-- like, they'll zoom in on her face so she's like-- and that's-- that's to make you not like her. That's to make you think she's vapid, there's nothing going on. I-- I do feel for her.

And then she's got her little sidekick. I think it's Marg, who just kind of is like this bogan, like, yeah, shut up, [? bah. ?] Like-- [LAUGHS] who-- wait a minute, who are you? Where?

You're clearly from the Gold Coast. Did you just walk in? Like, what's happening?

Tash, I think, dated someone I know before. So the bachelor she dated I think was Aggie, who I'm friends with. And he's a great guy, and she's talked a lot of [BLEEP] about him.

So I don't know. Like, I can't help but fall for the villain edit. My brain wants to not like her. But I also don't think what she did was that bad.

If somebody's told you something directly, it's fair game in there. Like it's a competition. At the end of the day, like, you're there competing for the affections of a man. And if that's the way she wants to go about it, then more power to her.

But she also has to understand that consequences come with that and people are going to not like you. So, you know, the-- the-- oh, at high school. Well, yeah, that's what happens. If you talk [BLEEP], that's going to be the repercussions of it. So I don't know, she's definitely getting the villain edit.