Jerry Jones has various women hold his phone while he makes draft picks from $250M yacht

Jerry Jones is conducting the Dallas Cowboys draft from a $250 million yacht.

This was established on Day 1 Thursday when he was not shy about showing off the luxury of his social distancing draft. He’s Jerry Jones of course. This is what he does.

On the second day of the draft on Friday, there was this. And, well. We’re not quite sure what this is about.

So what exactly’s going on here?

Whatever the impetus, Jerry Jones is having various women hold his phone for him as he conducts his draft business.

Is this another bizarre Montgomery Burns-esque flex about his opulent lifestyle? Hey, look at me, I don’t even have to hold my own equipment?

Or is it some sort of COVID-19 protection? We all know (or we should, at least) that cell phones are notorious harbingers of germs, bacteria and other sorts of nastiness that can cause ill health effects.

Is Jones so scared of the phones that he’s having other people hold them for him? If so, what does that say about how his feelings for the women in his life who are taking part in yacht draft, one of whom appears to be his daughter Charlotte Jones?

It’s all a great mystery and one that Jones is not likely to help solve from his lap of luxury.

But whatever’s going on there, it’s very Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones is conducting the NFL draft in very Jerry Jones fashion. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

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