Jennifer Garner Leaves Teachers From All Over Drying Their Eyes With Her 'Heartfelt' Message to Her Kids' Instructors

With her eldest child graduating high school and her youngest finishing elementary school, Jennifer Garner took a look back at her children's time in school to share an emotional message to educators everywhere.

"Dearest teachers," she addressed her letter, before saying, "Thank you for caring about my children with me, for tying their shoes and holding their hands. Thank you for disciplining my kids when they've needed it and for offering more hugs than some children receive in a lifetime."

She went on, "Thank you for all the hard work that goes into having high expectations, for buckling down and teaching them the discomfort and joy of tolerating frustration toward a greater good."

Garner then thanked teachers for going into the field and putting their all into their work, declaring, "What's more noble than teaching children—not a whole lot, as far as I can tell."

In her touching note, Garner called her children's teachers a "safe haven for my family." She noted that her kids have a more privileged life than most, but she still wanted school to be a comfortable place for them.

Spotlighting a few standout moments over the years for her kids, she mentioned the dedication of teachers who dressed up on Halloween, played sports with them at lunch, spent months helping them with projects and more. She signed it, "With deep respect and endless gratitude, Jen."

People from all over, both teachers and not, loved Garner's message, with reactions like, "As a fellow educator this brought me to tears. The appreciation for teachers isn’t always felt and I felt this❤️."

"My eyes are leaking. Best and hardest job in the world. ❤️," wrote another, while someone else said, "Your heartfelt words will mean the world to them 🥰."

"You are just awesome. Thank you for appreciating a profession that is often so undervalued," a different fan chimed in, and many more shared similar notes of appreciation.

Garner's youngest child with ex-husband Ben Affleck, Samuel, just graduated from elementary school, sparking this sweet message. Violet, the couple's eldest, also graduated high school, while their middle child, Fin, is still finishing high school.

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