Jennifer Aniston shares ‘summertime’ photos of her vacation with Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Bateman

Jennifer Aniston shares ‘summertime’ photos of her vacation with Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Bateman

Jennifer Aniston has shared some sweet snaps from her recent summer vacation, which featured two famous pals: Jason Bateman and Jimmy Kimmel.

The actor, 54, took to Instagram on Sunday to share her “summertime photo dump,” which included a beach trip with her friends and their partners. In the first snap, Aniston posed in a beige dress, while taking a stroll with Kimmel’s wife, Molly McNearney, and Bateman’s wife, Amanda Anka, both of who were wearing all-black outfits.

The photo dump continued with a video of the Friends star walking through the beach, as she wore a black bikini top, sun hat, and sunglasses, while the third photo showed her hugging a dog.

Aniston’s post also featured photos of the entire vacation crew, including one of her, Bateman, Kimmel, and their wives posing on a large yellow sofa in an all-glass windowed room. In the snap, the TV host opted for a white short-sleeved button down and tan pants, while Aniston wore a grey dress. Meanwhile, Bateman posed in a blue, long-sleeved shirt, black shorts, and a sun hat.

She then shared a selfie of the entire group taking a walk, which included film director Will Speck, after including a photo of herself wearing giant compression pants. The dump also featured photos of her dogs, Clyde and Lord Chesterfield, before it ended with a picture of Aniston in front of a firepit.

In the comments of the post, many fans have expressed their excitement over The Morning Show star’s summer vacation festivities.

“You can almost feel the good vibes,” one responded to the snaps, while another wrote: “This looks like so much fun. So glad you had some smiles this summer.”

A third added: “You posting a photo dump is something I never thought I needed.”

This isn’t the first time that Aniston was spotted at a celebrity-filled occasion over the summer. In July, Kristen Bell shared a series of snaps captured in Idaho, which included a photo of a huge, star-studded dinner party.

Along with Aniston and her pal, Jason Bateman, some of the guests in the photo included Courteney Cox, Bell’s husband Dax Shepard, Severance star Adam Scott, John Mulaney and Olivia Munn. Also in attendance was The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, CNN’s Jake Tapper and UnREAL star Shiri Appleby.

Fans went on to share their shocked reactions to the group dinner at the time, with Netflix editorial staffer Cole Delbyck tweeting: “This photo from Kristen Bell’s dinner party gets increasingly WTF as you go down the table.”

“I’m having a hard time choosing my desired seat - between Aniston and Bateman or Scott and Mulaney?” another wrote.