Jenna Ortega Shops for Doritos in Super Bowl Commercial With ‘Top Gun’ Star Danny Ramirez

Jenna Ortega and Danny Ramirez are about to learn that it’s not an abuela’s “chancla” you have to fear, but rather what happens when you come between her and her Doritos Dinamita.

In a 60-second-long Super Bowl ad, the “Wednesday” and “Scream” star’s grandmothers — and impeccably well-dressed, pantsuited Doritos Dinamita brand characters Dina and Mita (Olivia Negron and Patricia Mauceri) — chase after Ramirez (“Top Gun: Maverick,” “Captain America: Brave New World”) after he takes the last bag of the coveted Doritos at a local supermarket.

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From crashing into Ramirez’s car on their electric scooters to breaking into an apartment for a karate fight, only to then zip-line from it and down to the streets below to continue their chase — all while still having time to coo el “nieto” — Dina and Mita prove they’ll stop at nothing to secure their spicy chips.

Ortega, who in a humorous cutback is seen wandering the aisles of the supermarket, bewilderingly looking for her “abuelas” while they’re giving chase, makes a comeback at the end of the commercial by taking for herself the spicy bag the grandmothers had just seconds ago reclaimed.

As Ortega leaves the lot, chips in hand, Dina and Mita pan to the audience and dare them to “go ahead, try us.”

With Ortega rising to acclaim after her portrayal of Wednesday Adams in “Wednesday” and Ramirez getting buzz after his turn as Fanboy in “Top Gun: Maverick,” the actors are paired with veterans Negron (“NCIS,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) and Mauceri (“The Sopranos,” “Law & Order”) in an ad that highlights Latinos’ presence in the entertainment industry.

Watch the full commercial below. Just remember what the abuelas said, it’s not “Dynamite” it’s “Dinamita!”

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