Jenna Ortega Is Going Viral Because Of The Truly Unusual Way She Eats A Kiwi

This week, Jenna Ortega started trending on the platform that I'm refusing to call anything other than Twitter.

A man saying "His mama named him Twitter" I'mma call him Twitter
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Not because of a new season of Wednesday...

Screenshot from "Wednesday"
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...or more pics from Beetlejuice 2...

Closeup of Jenna Ortega
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...But because of the downright bizarre way she eats a kiwi.

Closeup of Jenna Ortega eating hot wings
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People couldn't believe it.

Twitter: @awoominjiyoo

Like, what in the actual eff.

Twitter: @rimsdiary

Twitter: @bethvsevildead

We all just wanna un-see it.

Twitter: @__chloemoss

Twitter: @moonerchiId

The first offense was her biting into it like an apple.

Closeup of Jenna Ortega eating a kiwi
@jennaortega / Instagram: @jennaortega

The second was that she did it WITH THE SKIN STILL ON.

Twitter: @rocklandtehe

IDK what the "right" way is to eat a kiwi, but the internet pretty much decided that that's not it.

Twitter: @kimkimdaya

Twitter: @SBhoneys

Twitter: @dippedngold

So, yeah! That's the big celeb food news happening so far today.