Aussie mum of 16 hits back after being shamed for buying 'too much' toilet paper

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A mum of 16 has hit back after being shamed at the shops for buying a pack of toilet paper. 

Jeni Bonell, who has over 8,000 people following her on Facebook, took to her account to call out a woman who tried to make her feel guilty about her purchase. 

It comes as supermarket shelves have been stripped bare of toilet roll all over Australia due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide. 

Jeni Bonell has hit back after being shamed for buying toilet roll. Photo: Facebook/The Bonell Family

Jeni started her post by writing: “OH NO YOU DON'T. No lady, you don't get to stand behind me in the checkout line in the grocery store, with your voice dripping sarcasm and your crinkled brow, as you "loud-enough-for-me-to-hear-you" say, "Welllll, there goes ALLLLLLL the toilet paper now ….. Hmmmmpffff", she wrote. 

The mum refused to apologise for buying toilet roll for her family saying: “it’s undoubtedly bigger than yours”.

While Jeni said she believes the world is now suffering from a pandemic, she claims there’s also another one taking over worldwide and that’s a ‘lack of manners with a symptom of unkindness that seems to accompany it”. 

“We just need to encourage others to not ‘panic buy’” and to make sure we look after each other,” Jeni told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“There are pensioners out there and disabled folks who can’t get what they need and there are larger sized families who clearly just need more because we have extra people to use it. If we work together then everyone can have sufficient supplies.

“The virus is scary enough without adding fear of going to the grocery store because of the looks and comments you get just buying what you need for your family We all just need to be kind to each other.”

Supermarket shelves have been stripped of toilet roll. Photo: Getty Images

Jeni’s words have resonated with her followers, with many taking to the comments section to commend her on speaking out. 

“I know exactly how you feel... I have 9 children 7 in the house so we use a forty pack fortnightly. I did get shamed for buying I larger packet,” one person said.

“I’m on chemo and need the paper too and the looks I got when I bought some today,” another person said.

“I got my usual which is two packets of 12 each packet that’s two toilets with 10 people using it goes in a fortnight I didn’t order any extra yet still got the looks and sniggering. Glad you said something,” a woman said.

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