The 'vomit-inducing' recipe going viral

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Social media has collectively dry-retched at an old-fashioned recipe dragged from the depths of the past, to haunt our present.

World, meet Jellied Chicken Gumbo.

Any savoury food with the word ‘jellied’ in the title should be immediately suspect as far as I’m concerned but combine that with chicken and gumbo and you have a food disaster to rival the kitty litter cake that horrified the world yesterday.

The recipe was discovered in an old recipe tin by food site 12 Tomatoes back in 2017, who shared the recipe with a warning; “I expected it to be jiggly, weird, and at least a little revolting. I was mostly correct in my assessment.”

Now the textural dead-zone has reared its head on social media, and people are understandably horrified.

The ingredient list of your nightmares

A glance at the recipe itself doesn’t do much to dispel any fear an adventurous chef may feel embarking on this 1980’s dinner party hors d’ oeuvres exploration.

The recipe calls for ‘1 envelope of unflavoured powdered gelatin’, presumably mailed from the grave of your tastebuds, to be mixed with water.

A can of ‘condensed chicken gumbo soup’ is added to the (presumably) gelatinous water.

Where one would find said soup remains a mystery, but as an American recipe we can only assume it’s a staple of grocery stores over there.

Just add gelatine! Photo: Campbells

Then, according to the adventurous soul who first tried the recipe, you chuck in the rest of the ingredients and pop it in the fridge for an hour, or three.

Other ingredients include 1/2 cup of mayonnaise, celery, capsicum and herbs and spices.

When plating up the wobbly snack, one should serve with ‘ripe olives, slices of hard-cooked eggs and asparagus spears’, according to the recipe, and presumably, try to enjoy?

Putting the question of what in God’s name a ‘hard-cooked egg’ refers to exactly, to one side many are feeling ill at just the vocabulary of the recipe not to mention the image of the end product, which looks like a loaf-shaped omelette.

An appropriate response online

Social media users can barely contain their horror, and the contents of their stomachs if their comments are anything to go by.

“For the love of God, WHY???” was one comment that served as a rallying cry for the masses.

“That takes the prize for the best vomit inducer!” another over-shared.

“Any recipe with the word “gelatinous” in it is a pass for me!” a wise woman said.

“All I can do is shake my head in shame,” one person summed it up.

There were a handful of nostalgic supporters, reminiscing on the dish’s hey-day in the last century.

“My grandmother made something similar to this,” one reminisced.

“I remember eating this and making it. It was good but odd,” another shared.

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