Jason Mraz's Love for His Cat Apparently Almost Made Him Quit 'DWTS'

One of the hardest parts of being away from home (especially if it's for an extended period of time) is being away from our pets. Sure, vacation is fun and offers plenty of distractions, but at some point, the homesickness is going to set in, and many of us become homesick for our pets. And if you happen to be in a high stress situation, like Jason Mraz, certified cat man, was while he was competing on Dancing With the Stars, it can be hard to get through the day without cuddling your pet.

In fact, that's exactly what the "I'm Yours" singer said happened when he appeared on a podcast this week. Apparently, when he was filming Season 32 of the show, he missed his cat so much he almost went home. And honestly, can anyone blame him?

Today, we know that Jason would end up sticking it out and coming in second on DWTS, but as he explained on the new episode of Jesse Tyler Ferguson's "Dinner's On Me" podcast, that almost didn't happen.

When he started filming the show, he assumed he'd be eliminated early and wouldn't be gone for long... so when he realized that wasn't the case, he panicked.

“I’m terrified. I have to cancel all my plans for the entire rest of the year, and I’m missing my cat terribly,” he said.

So at that point, he almost tried to sabotage his own chances at winning, even telling producers he was thinking about going home and asking his friends to stop voting for him. All because he wanted to go home to his cat! Jason's so real for that.

While a TV set might not be the best place for a cat, it's a bummer that there was no way for Jason to bring his pet along if he was going to be gone so long. He probably really could have used the moral support!

Jason Mraz's Cats

In 2021, Jason told the San Diego Humane Society that he's loved cats after growing up with a Ragdoll cat in his family named Gracie, and today, he has three cats of his own.

"Two are strapping young farm cats, both orange tabbies who run security on our garden and house perimeter; and one giant house cat who holds down the pillows and lets me know when food bowls are empty," he said.

His kitties also help him with the songwriting process and takes their opinions into account, using what I believe sounds like a totally foolproof method. He said, "If the song is terrible, the cat usually leaves the room. If the song has potential, the cat stays. If the song is great, the kitty will fall asleep. I cannot back this up with science."

It's no wonder he wouldn't want to be away from his cats — they probably could have helped him with his dance training, too!