Jason Momoa says Aquaman co-star Nicole Kidman is a 'bad-ass'

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has admitted starring alongside Nicole Kidman was one of the highlights of his experience whilst making the superhero epic.

The Australian actress stars as Atlanna, the Queen of Atlantis, in the blockbuster flick, who is the mother of Jason’s character, Arthur.

And speaking exclusively to Yahoo Lifestyle, Jason reveals Nicole is “bad-ass” in the movie.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Lifestyle, Jason Momoa reveals Nicole Kidman is “bad-ass” in their movie, Aquaman. Photo: Getty/Instagram

“She is in three main scenes and she absolutely dominates and steals the whole movie. I think she is phenomenal,” he gushed.

“Being able to have that one scene when we were together was the highlight of the film for me. Just because I learnt a lot from her just by watching her… even when watching the movie back I learnt a lot from her because she is just so present and playful and intelligent with her choices.”

He continued: “She’s never played anything like this and she killed it. Her kids were behind me when we were watching it at the premiere and that whole fight scene was great for her too.

“Probably win the Oscar this year and also the bad-ass mum award. It’s pretty cool for her.”

Meanwhile, Jason’s own children – Lola and Nakoa-Wolf whom he shares with wife Lisa Bonet – were left surprised by what they saw on the screen when they watched their father’s debut as Aquaman.

“My son was really upset because I was getting beat up. I get beat up this whole movie. I can understand why he didn’t want his daddy to get his ass whooped,” the Game of Thrones star admitted.

“He definitely was emotional about it like ‘Papa papa’… but I was like, ‘It’s okay buddy, I’m right here buddy’. So he definitely went on that journey. My daughter loved it.”

Aquaman is out in cinemas from December 26.

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